Why Choose Global Shade

Competitive Pricing

While Global Shade products adhere to the highest standards of quality, our shade products are also competitively priced. This is because we manufacture our shade products locally. Due to this, our products are often the lowest priced on the market.

When you choose our shade products, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best quality products at fair and honest prices.

Great Value

Global Shade products are synonymous with the terms ‘superior quality’, ‘long-lasting’ and ‘value for money’. We manufacture our products to the highest standards, paying close attention to the design quality.

Every product is solidly built and specifically designed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. And, thanks to our competitive pricing, you can’t go wrong in choosing us!

Great Support and Service

At Global Shade, we always put customers first. That’s why we strive to offer the best levels of support and service.

Our customer service executives have sound trade and technical expertise to offer exceptional levels of support. From helpful and friendly presales support to prompt after-sales support, you can expect nothing but the best from us.

Alongside this, Global Shade products are also covered by extensive warranties. Whether it is ordering a new product or claiming a warranty, our friendly executives will help you out in the best possible manner.

We Supply Australia-Wide

Global Shade is an Australian owned and operated business located in New South Wales. Because we’re from the region, we understand local requirements better. Our shade products are tested and built for all standard Australian weather conditions.

Our local advantage also allows us to offer quick shipping across New South Wales. We also partner with shade designers and licensed installers across Australia to supply our products nationally.

Great Designs

Top-quality designs and exceptional value for money are the differentiating factors between Global Shade and other shade manufacturers. We offer an extensive range of shade products in high-tech, custom designs.

Our shade products are manufactured using cutting-edge technology in our state-of-the-art warehouse. By using advanced plotter cutters and other sophisticated equipment, our shade products are manufactured to the highest levels of precision. 

Fast Turnaround

The advantage of dealing with an Australian shade product manufacturer is that you can always count on a quick turnaround.

When you order a shade product from Global Shade, you can have it delivered and installed in as little as 10-12 working days.

Top Quality Manufacturing

Global Shade products are manufactured onsite in our warehouse in Murwillumbah. Every shade product that we manufacture is designed to meet or exceed Australian quality standards.

We follow a well-defined process with strict quality control measures in design and manufacturing. Global Shade uses only industry leading materials in manufacturing shade products.

Easy Shade Solutions

At Global Shade, we’re here to provide easy shade solutions for both commercial and residential applications in Australia.

Regardless of your requirements, we can custom manufacture a shade solution for any project or application.

Get in touch with us or with one of our licensed installers to get a free quote today!