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Need Shade? Get A Shade Sail or Shade Structure!

February 9th, 2022 · Shade Sails

With summer upon us, it’s now more than any other season we all wish we had thought about getting a shade sail or shade structure sooner. It’s never too late to get a shade sail or shade structure, and there’s always next summer! Shade sails and shade structures are undoubtedly two of the best, if …

Shade Sails & Structures for Sports Courts and Sports Facilities

December 8th, 2021 · Applications, Shade Sails, Shade Solutions

Sport is Australia’s favourite past-time. It’s embedded in our culture and something we’re very good at and love to watch. But, it means spending much time outdoors and often scorching temperatures. Such conditions can lead to exhaustion and sunburn and be a real deter for spectators. If you own a sports facility with outdoor sporting …

Shade Sails & Structures for Picnic and Seating Areas

December 1st, 2021 · Applications, Shade Sails, Shade Solutions

Australia is blessed with some of the very best weather in the world. However, with it comes much sun, which can equal much heat. While getting a dose of vitamin D3 is good for us, too much sun can be uncomfortable and harmful to our health. If you own commercial grounds with picnic and seating …

Shade Sails & Structures for Outdoor Activity Areas

November 17th, 2021 · Applications, Shade Sails, Shade Solutions

Providing an activity area for children to play in comes with many responsibilities. It needs to be safe to prevent injury. It also needs to provide adequate sun shade to avoid sunburn. Early childhood education and care services should have a comprehensive sun protection policy that outlines the commitment to sun protection and the responsibilities …

Shade Sails & Structures for Outdoor Areas

November 10th, 2021 · Applications, Shade Sails, Shade Solutions

Spending time outdoors, soaking up some much-needed D3, is good for you until you start getting sunburnt. Whether you’re a parent looking to protect your children, a business owner looking to provide shade to staff and customers, an educational facility looking to provide shade to children and students in your care, or a homeowner looking …

Shade Sails & Structures for Shopping Centre Car Parks

October 20th, 2021 · Applications, Car Ports, Commercial

Attract more customers to your shopping centre with quality car park shade structures from Global Shade. Having a car park with no shade can be a real turn-off for customers. No one wants to return to a stinking hot car after spending hours shopping. By investing in shade sails and shade structures for shopping centre …

Shade Sails & Structures for Swimming Pools

October 13th, 2021 · Applications, Domestic, Shade Sails, Shade Solutions

Transform your pool into a sun-safe environment, allowing your children to play and swim in the pool for hours on end by investing in shade sails and shade structures for swimming pools. With Global Shade’s superior shade sails and shade structures for swimming pools, you can rest assured knowing your kids will are well protected …

Shade Sails & Structures for Patios

September 15th, 2021 · Applications, Canopies, Domestic, Shade Sails

Create a stunning and welcoming outdoor patio area with superior protection from a shade sail or shade structure. Global Shade excels in transforming tired unused patios into things of beauty, areas that not only look great but are usable and welcoming. If you’re looking to live more this coming summer, you need to get summer …

Shade Sails & Structures for Playgrounds & Sandpits

September 8th, 2021 · Applications, Playgrounds, Shade Sails

Do you want to create a fun outdoor space that protects your kids against the elements? Are you looking to create a kid-friendly space in your café or restaurant, or are you a council representative in need of shade solutions for council parks and playgrounds? Then, Global Shade can help. Kids spend hours playing on …

Shade Sails & Structures for Outdoor Dining

August 18th, 2021 · Applications, Commercial

Creating an outdoor dining space that attracts and protects dining customers during all weather events can make a significate difference to a food-related business’s bottom line. Without providing customers with a covered outdoor dining area, you will quite literally be washing away tens of thousands of dollars down the drain along with the rainwater. With …

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