How to select Awnings to suit your needs

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Awnings. a great solution for your home or business

If you’re thinking of transforming your outdoor space into a more inviting and shady area, one of your best options is to install Awnings. This shade solution can make the area around your home and above your pool much cooler and more visually appealing. Here at Global Shade, we specialise in manufacturing custom awnings, and highly recommend awnings to homeowners and small business owners who are looking for a durable yet cost-effective shade solution. Awnings, which are available in both retractable and permanent models, provide shade not just for the main structure (could be your home or a café), but also to flower beds, plants, and when entertaining guests in the outdoor living spaces.

Convinced that awnings are the best shade solution for your home or business? Then, let me give you some tips on how you can easily select the one that will best address your needs, your budget, and your preferences.

  1. First step is to decide if you’re going to buy manually operated or motorised awnings. Retractable awnings are controlled by a push-button technology, remote control, or power switch making them more convenient. However, they are more expensive when compared to those that are manually operated. When making a decision, consider how often you’ll use the awning and of course, your budget.
  2. Check out the fabrics. Awnings on the market today are not created equally. When trying to get the best, most durable awning that will last more than just a couple of years, you must seriously consider the fabric. Choose those that can block out UVB and UVA rays which are labelled with a UV rating. Durable materials include polyester, canvas, acrylic, PVC-coated, and polypropylene fabrics. Keep in mind that there are awnings that are strictly used for aesthetic purposes. At Global Shade, we only use heavy-duty knitted mesh that are perfect for any environmental conditions including UV exposure, dust, hail, wind, and rain. For our awnings, we also use fabric that features extrablock and is fire retardant.
  3. Check the metal frame. The durability of the awning will depend largely on the frame. It doesn’t matter if the fabric is of high quality, if the frame is simply weak, you cannot expect it to last even for just a year. Check if the frame is made out of steel, plastic, or aluminium. Steel frames and galvanised aluminium are highly recommended compared to plastic as they are more resistant to warping and weathering.
  4. Check the size. There are pre-made awnings available on the market today. But before you buy one, make sure that they fit your size requirement. If there are no available awnings that can provide the right cover for your outdoor space, consider custom-made awnings such as those we offer at Global Shade. We specialise in the manufacturing of custom awning to meet your specific needs and demands.
  5. Know about the fabric maintenance requirement. When choosing the fabric for your awnings, you need to know if your chosen fabric requires regular maintenance. While some are already resistant to UV damage, mildew, and mould and do not require scrubbing or cleaning on a regular basis, there are those that require weekly cleaning with specific cleaning solutions. Inquire about this before you place your order.
  6. Installation. You’ll want to know when purchasing your awnings if they come with free installation otherwise, you will need to hire professional handyman which will cost you additional money. Keep in mind that only professionals should install retractable awnings.

Global Shade continues to work on being recognised as one of the leading shade solution providers in Australia. Among our awnings are bar hoods that offer cost-effective and functional shelter alternatives that are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

All of our awnings are lightweight, stylish, and can be designed and manufactured based on clients’ specifications. For all your awning needs, contact us by calling (02) 6670 8300 or visit us at

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