Protect Your Interiors with Custom Shade Awnings

December 18th, 2019 · Published to Awnings by Steve Lewis

If you follow this blog, you will know that the majority of my posts centre around providing shade and sun protection for outdoor areas; the deck, patio, carport, swimming pool, etc. However, did you know that in addition to delivering shade outdoors, our products can provide shade indoors also? That’s right. Specific products installed in the correct location can also protect the interiors of your home. I am talking about custom shade awnings in particular.

Custom shade awnings, such as those manufactured by Global Shade, are multi-beneficial shade solutions. They offer exterior shade to the immediate area below the arm of the canopy and provide shade for the interior area adjacent. This, in turn, can reduce your cooling costs and prove to be very economical.

If you’re sick of your carpet and furniture fading from the sun or just sick of the sun in general, then combat it by investing in custom shade awning.

Continue reading as I provide more information on the custom shade awnings available from Global Shade.

Custom made to order

Here at Global Shade, we have built a reputation for being the ‘go-to’ company for all custom made shade solutions, and this includes our custom shade awnings. As shade manufactures, we measure and sew our fabrics into custom awnings to facilitate several applications – both domestic and commercial.

All shade solutions are made quickly and without any long delay. We can manufacture custom shade awnings in as little as two weeks. Simply call us with the details of your requirements, and will put you in touch with a local awning installer to arrange a free measure and quote.

Top of the range fabrics

We make use of the highest quality fabrics and materials in the manufacturing of our custom shade awnings. Some of the most popular fabrics we rely on include Ferrari 502, a highly durable and incredibly dimensionally stable fabric, Polyplan 680, a stylish and versatile fabric, and Valmex 580S, a high-value textile. All three are heavyweight fabrics, which lend perfectly for the needs of awnings.

These fabrics come in a range of colours to complement your home, office, bar, cafe, restaurant or business establishment.

Strong and robust framework

A reliable and robust framework matches our first-class fabric work. Made from quality steel, you can trust our awnings to deliver supreme longevity. Regardless of what you are after, your local awning installer will be able to design the ideal awning for your needs and tastes.


Shade products such as shade sails, canopies and awnings are great for providing shade and sun protection outdoors, but did you know they can also offer shade and protection indoors as well?

Custom shade awnings are one of the best shade products to provide sun protection to the interiors and exteriors of a home (or place of business). They will reduce fading in your carpet and furniture and help to reduce room temperature also.

Here at Global Shade, we specialise in all kinds of shade products, including shade awnings. Our shade awnings are made to order and made use of only the best quality fabrics in the industry. Moreover, they feature a robust framework that will over longevity.

If you live along the East Coast of Australia and are interested in having custom awnings made for your home, contact Global Shade. With over twenty years’ experience and a proven track record, we have the skills and knowhow to deliver you with the best possible solution.

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