Residential Shade Structures for a More Enjoyable Winter

July 24th, 2019 · Published to Awnings, Canopies, Outdoor Blinds

Winter in Australia can get pretty cold. If your home doesn’t have any additional structures in place, then the chances are, you’re staying inside, and you’re not enjoying your home to its full potential. This sounds like a pretty miserable winter to me. What if I told you-you could enjoy that outdoor area of your home all year round? Global Shade has inexpensive ways to protect your home against the winter elements so you can do just that.

Today, I will share with you some of the residential shade structures we have to offer so you can have a more enjoyable winter.

Outdoor Blinds

Perhaps my favour residential shade structure of all is outdoor blinds. They are affordable, extremely versatile and look fantastic. They can be attached to any outdoor area including balconies, verandas, and patios, to create a completely sealed space which offers protection against all the winter nasties; wind, rain and hail.

They look great and come in either PVC or screen fabric, which can be colour coordinated to complement your home.

How they help during winter:

With outdoor blinds installed, you can step outside and enjoy spending time on your balcony, veranda, or patio, as if it were summer knowing that you are completely protected.


Forget the image you have in your head of old fashion striped canvas awnings that hang from windows. Today, awnings are high-tech, visually pleasing residential shade structures that can offer excellent protection over large areas, doorways and windows. They can be installed vertically, horizontally or on an angle to provide excellent protection for your desired application.

How they help during winter:

Expanded awnings offer high wind and rain protection, which is a must during winter. When installed horizontally over an outdoor area such as a patio or veranda, you can enjoy the area regardless of the weather. Moreover, when combined with outdoor blinds, they can completely seal a space; protected from wind, rain, hail etc.

Canopies / Waterproof Tension Membranes

Most people think of shade sails as a three-point structure that offers only sun shade. While this is true, shade sails can be defined as much more, including canopies and waterproof tension membranes.

Just how waterproof tension membranes differ from standard shade sails is in their material, which, unlike standard shade sails, is made from a waterproof fabric. This waterproof fabric makes them an ideal choice for residential outdoor areas, especially during winter.

Waterproof tension membranes can cover any existing open structure such as a pergola or can fix to a frame or series of posts and can span across vast areas. This often makes them a better choice than an awning.

How they help during winter:

Like the other residential shade structures mentioned, waterproof tension membranes can cover an area to offer protection against wind, rain and hail. With this protection, you can spend more time outside entertaining friends or enjoying alfresco dining. Also, like awnings, they can be combined with outdoor blinds to create a complete seal to block all fresh winds.


There is no need to stay inside during winter, not when you have residential shade structures installed. With one or more of these residential shade structures in place, you can create a well-protected outdoor space to use all year round. So you have many affordable options at hand: outdoor blinds, awnings and waterproof tension membranes.

If you’d like to enjoy winter at home more, then contact us today about our residential shade structures. We are one of Australia’s leading shade structure manufactures and can supply you with a custom solution this winter!

For more information about the product mentioned in this article, visit the Canopy and Awnings page of our website.

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