Fitting Commercial Shade Solutions Inside Your Budget

September 8th, 2012 · Published to Commercial by nicole

Comparing the cost of building an entire structure out of brick and mortar against a commercial shade solution, the use of shade sails, awnings, canopies or large outdoor umbrellas are always going to cost less than a building. An interest in commercial shade structures means a desire to keep the budget for the new additions as low as possible, even if there are some design benefits to using commercial shade solutions. And with budget constraints, the cost of a shade solution for businesses can even be lessened, depending on the circumstances of the application.

For example, consider a onetime event, such as a grand opening of a business, or maybe even a large outdoor concert. The installation of large canopies to protect the crowd or customers will always be less than building an entire stadium to size. In addition, if it is only a onetime occasion, the business might have the option of using materials of lesser quality for the canopy.

It may not be necessary for the canopy to be UV protected at all if the event is held at night. For an evening occasion, the canopy is a shade solution against the rain and not the heat, so a thinner material can be used. The only costs that stay the same are the supports for the elevation of the tension membrane – and even these supports can be applied against the wall of an existing building instead of constructing posts to hold the membranes high.

To find the perfect budget commercial shade application for your business, look to Global Shade Australia, which has 25 years of experience in the field. Add to that the free quote from Global Shade Australia, and it is certain you will find the commercial shade application for your business, within the parameters of the business need, and the budget for the occasion.

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