Matching shading products with your home orientation

May 16th, 2018 · Published to Domestic, Shade Solutions by Steve Lewis

When it comes to shading your home properly, you need to match the orientation of your home with shade products. Simply purchasing a product and getting it fixed in any way you desire won’t do much to shade your home.

You must understand that certain shade products are better suited for homes in a particular orientation. You need to consider the direction of your home first and then purchase a matching shade product accordingly.

As a manufacturer of shade products in Australia, today I will tell you which products work best for which orientations. Make sure to go through this article, consider your home orientation and then only purchase a shade product.

North facing homes

North facing homes receive the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day. While many people consider this to be great, do understand that such homes are also prone to being the hottest.

If your home faces north, then you can make use of adjustable awnings to shade your windows and openings. To shade larger areas, you can use shade sails or pergolas matching the orientation of your home. If you purchase awnings or shade sails from us at Global Shade, our experts will ensure that its orientation matches that of your home upon installation.

South facing homes

South facing homes are less common than other orientations because they receive the least sunlight throughout the day. However, this also means that south facing homes don’t require as much shade as homes in other orientations.

If your home faces south, you probably don’t need a shade solution. But in case you do, you can turn to us at Global Shade. We’ll make sure to custom design a shade solution that perfectly matches your home.

East facing homes

East facing homes in Australia always receive lots of sunshine in the morning, which can be troublesome during summers. While the home may not receive direct sunshine afternoon, it will still heat up during the morning.

For east facing homes, you should consider using a fixed shading solution. That’s because your home will always receive more sunlight during the morning and less at other times of the day throughout the year. A fixed shading solution will help you reduce morning sunlight as well as regulate a uniform temperature throughout your home. If you have windows facing east, you should consider installing adjustable awnings over them. You can also use vertical structures such as Global Shade’s outdoor PVC blinds to shade your outdoor areas.

West facing homes

West facing homes face a similar problem as east facing homes do. While the home remains cool in the morning, it receives sunlight from noon onwards. And, the sun is the strongest during the latter half of the day. As such, west facing homes require some form of shade products.

As with east facing homes, you should use a combination of fixed shading solutions and adjustable shading solutions to shade your home as well as your windows and other openings. You can use the same shade products as I have mentioned for east facing homes.


If you are looking to shade your home in the proper manner, you must match the orientation of your shade products with that of your home. Do understand that certain shade products are better suited for certain home orientations.

For north facing homes, adjustable awnings, pergolas and shade sails are a great option. For east and west facing homes, a combination of fixed shade solution and adjustable shade solutions should be used. South facing homes do not generally require shading, but if you do, you need a custom shade solution.

Regardless of whether your home faces north, south, east or west, Global Shade offers shade products that are ideal for you. We offer customised shade solutions and our experts will ensure that its orientation matches that of your home. To find out more about our range of shade products, get in touch with us today!

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