Three Shading Structures To Cool And Improve Your Home – Part 2

January 15th, 2020 · Published to Domestic by Steve Lewis

Summer is still here, and it seems like each year, it’s only getting hotter! If you’re looking for ways to cool your home that don’t involve large electricity bills or don’t ruin the exterior aesthetics of your home, then I have the perfect solution for you; shading structures! But not just any shading structure, as there are many. Shading structures made explicitly from shade cloth.

Unprotected glass and sun-exposed walls can be the greatest source of unwanted heat entering your home. In fact, direct sun can generate the same temperature as a single bar radiator over each square metre of the surface of your home. Hence, providing shading for such glass and walls, in the means of a shading structure, is an easy and efficient solution to reduce heat which in turn, cools your home.

Last week, I posted Part 1 of this article, where I shared with you three fantastic shade cloth options to consider for any shading structure, and today, I will conclude the list by sharing three more.

The fabrics in Part 1 were suited more to Residential Application than Commerical, but in Pary 2, these fabrics are suitable for all applications but primarily Commercial.

Commercial 95 Shading Structures

Shading structures made from Commercial 95 will offer as high as 95.5% UVR protection, which is perfect for cooling a home. The fabric is made from lightweight cloth with a high tensile strength, requires low maintenance and has a 10-year warranty.

In terms of appearance, Commercial 95 is a heavy-duty fabric that looks great in any shading structure. It is available in 20 colours, so you’re bound to find a colour that will look wonderful around your home.

Allnet Extrablock Shading Structures

Shading structures made from Allnet Extrablock will offer as high as 98% UVR protection, which is one of the highest ratings available. Allnet Extrablock features a high tensile strength, is very dimensionally stable and comes with an impressive 12-year warranty.

In terms of appearance, Commercial 95 is available in 15 colours and is ideal for tensile structures, shade sails, awnings and even umbrellas. Whatever shading structure you opt for, know it will look great!

Monotec 370 Shading Structures

Shading structures made from Monotec 370 offer up to 88.5% UVR protection which is an adequate amount to cool your home. Monotec 370 has a high tensile strength and is the strongest shade cloth available today. It requires no minimal maintenance and is backed by a 15-year warranty – which is the highest of all shade cloth fabrics offered by Global Shade.

In terms of appearance, Monotec 370 is just as attractive as the other shade cloth options. It is available in 9 standard colours and 6 designer colours. It will be a great addition to any home, not only visually, but it will do well to reduce internal temperatures and the need to turn on the air conditioner.


Keep heat at bay this summer by investing in a shading structure made from one of the industry’s leading shade cloth fabrics. A simple shading structure such as a shade sail installed over a window or external doorway can significantly reduce temperatures inside and eliminate the need to use an air-conditioner consistently over summer. Moreover, as each shade cloth fabric is available in a range of colours, you will be able to choose a colour that also improves the external appearance of your home. It’s a win-win!

At Global Shade, we aim to manufacture the best shading structures in Australia, and to do so, we need the best shade fabrics. For this, we choose Commercial 95, Allnet Extrablock and Monotec 370.

If you would like a shading structure made from any of these fabrics, simply contact us with your requirements for a quote.

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