Transform Your Deck to Be Winter Ready!

August 7th, 2019 · Published to Domestic, Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

For some, winter is a time to look forward to; rugging up in woollies, standing around the fire of a BBQ and enjoying quality time with friends. For others, including myself, it’s time we’d rather spend hibernating – to only surfacing once the weather is warm again.

Love it or hate it; there is no avoiding winter. However, there are ways to make the most of it. One of the best ways to enjoy the cold winter days (and even nights) is to spend it with friends – and where better to do this on your deck; be it a casual barbeque or a dinner party.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “BBQ/dinner party – in winter? Are you crazy?” Not at all! Don’t you let your social life die just because we’re in winter! Not when it takes something as simple as a decking sails shades or a deck umbrella to turn your deck into an area you can use all year round.

Continue reading as I explain how a simple deck umbrella or decking sails shades can help you love winter just like it were any other month.

Transform your Deck with Decking Shade Sails

If you characterise shade sails as being breathable shade structures made from shade cloth, you’d be right. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that their fabric does not define them. Any material can be used, including a range of waterproof fabrics which offer all-weather protection.

While standard decking shade sails won’t allow you to entertain guests on the deck through rain, hail and shine, waterproof decking shade sails sure will!

Our waterproof decking shade sails make use of the most durable and highest quality waterproof fabrics in the world. They are an affordable alternative to expensive renovations, and they don’t require council approval.

If you’re looking to protect your entire deck, then waterproof decking shade sails are the ultimate solution. We design and manufacture custom shade sails of any shape and size to create a waterproof structure to protect an entire area. You can entertain your neighbours or your entire street, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.

Transform your Deck with a Deck Umbrella

Deck umbrellas are one of the most affordable all-weather solutions. They offer shelter from rain, winds and even hail – all the things that usually make us run for cover.

By installing one of our umbrellas on your deck, you’ll be able to enjoy the area regardless of the weather conditions. If you’re looking to protect a specific area of your deck; your outdoor dining setting for instance, then a deck umbrella is a super affordable option that will enable you to enjoy your deck all year round – yes, even in wither.

With deck umbrellas offering up to 25 m2 coverage, you’ll be surprised with how much protection they can offer.


Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside and miss out doing all the things you love to do in warmer weather. Australia is known for its love of the outdoors, and enjoying a barbeque with friends is just what we do – so why should we skip this during winter?

By installing decking sails shades or a deck umbrella, you’re able to transform your deck into an all-weather area that is winter ready. You can entertain friends any time of year rain, hail and shine, with the assurance that you are well covered and protected.

If you live in the area of Sydney’s Hills District, North Shore or beyond, get in touch with Global Shade. Call us on 1800 724 407 to discuss your options or to arrange a free measure and quote.

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