3 ways café blinds can increase your café profits

February 17th, 2018 · Published to Outdoor Blinds by Steve Lewis

If you own a café, I’m sure you do your best to attract and retain your customers. Offering great service and providing a relaxing atmosphere to customers are things that you probably pay attention to already.

But have you ever thought of using café blinds to increase your café profits? You heard me – by installing blinds in your café, you can draw in more customers and increase your revenue!

How so, you ask? Continue reading this post as I explain how PVC café blinds can help you attract more customers and increase your profits. I bet that you’ll consider getting café blinds on the Gold Coast when you’re done reading through!

They allow you to offer outdoor dining

Its no secret that we are incredibly fond of the outdoors. If you own a patio space around your café, you should consider converting it into an alfresco dining area. Not only will this allow you to offer a great dining experience to your customers, but it will also increase your table capacity.

In order to offer an amazing outdoor dining experience, you need to ensure that your patio is comfortable and relaxing. You can do this very easily with the help of PVC blinds. PVC café blinds are incredibly effective in blocking out the sun. They will allow you to ensure that your alfresco space is cool and protected from the sun’s heat.

They will make your café look visually appealing

I’m sure you’ve done your bit to make your café look as visually appealing as possible. But, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your space even further with the help of PVC café blinds.

PVC blinds can be customised to a number of designs and styles. Not only are they available in a range of colours and different pulley systems, but they can also include privacy screens. At Global Shade, our café blinds are completely customisable as well.

We can customise our PVC blinds to reflect your café’s branding colours and philosophy. Our blinds are available in a range of designer colours to perfectly complement your café décor. And, whether you want blinds with motorised pulleys, or with clear or tinted glass, we’ll customise it to your exact requirements.

They will stop you from losing business to bad weather

If you already own an outdoor space but you often lose customers to bad weather, then café blinds can help you out. While outdoor PVC blinds are very effective at blocking out the sun, they also offer great protection against the wind.

Outdoor café blinds that make use of waterproof fabrics even offer excellent protection against the rain. By installing waterproof café blinds, you can offer all-weather comfort to your customers. This will also ensure that you can offer the joy of outdoor dining to your customers 365 days a year.


While there are several things you can do to increase the profits of your café, installing PVC café blinds is one of the best options. Café blinds allow you to offer a comfortable outdoor dining space to your customers. They will make your café look more visually appealing to your customers. Café blinds also offer all weather protection and they will stop you from losing business to bad weather.

And, when it comes to finding the best café blinds on the Gold Coast, look no further than us at Global Shade. We’re Australia’s shade solution experts and we can customise your café blinds to your exact requirements.

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