4 things you probably don’t know about PVC blinds

February 14th, 2017 · Published to Outdoor Blinds by Steve Lewis

No doubt, you’ve seen homes, cafés and restaurants use PVC blinds to offer sun and rain protection.

It is a given that they are a very popular product. But, I bet there are a few things that you don’t know about PVC blinds.

If you want to know more about PVC blinds, continue reading this article. Hopefully, after reading through, you’ll consider purchasing these blinds for yourself.

PVC blinds

1. They offer excellent protection from the sun’s rays

Many of our customers choose to invest in PVC blinds because of the excellent sun protection they offer. PVC blinds made from top grade fabrics are very effective in blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays. At Global Shade, our outdoor blinds are capable of blocking out up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

By installing PVC blinds in verandas, pergolas and patios, you can protect yourself and your furniture from excess sunlight. Moreover, outdoor blinds also allow you to control the amount of light entering your home. You can also keep your home cooler and increase the energy efficiency of your cooling appliances by installing high quality blinds.

2. They are very easy to install, clean and maintain

I’m surprised at just how many people think that installing PVC blinds is a tiresome affair. Let me tell you that outdoor blinds are very easy to install. Furthermore, they are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

At Global Shade, our outdoor blinds are made of special fabrics which are highly resistant to wear and tear. Our blinds do not lose their colour even after years of being out in the open. You can easily clean our blinds simply by wiping with a damp cloth.

3. They are available in a range of designs

Some people think that PVC blinds are limited when it comes to style and design options. However, this is very far from the truth. Modern day blinds are available in a range of designs and colours for you to choose from.

At Global Shade, we offer our outdoor blinds in a wide range of styles and designer colours. We even offer custom made blinds to suit your personal preferences or branding requirements.

4. They are incredibly cost effective

Most people do not realise that outdoor blinds can provide a lot of cost savings. Like I mentioned earlier, high quality PVC blinds can increase the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling appliances. This in turn means that you’ll incur lower bills both during summer and winter simply by installing blinds.

Furthermore, Global Shade blinds are also very affordable. You need not spend thousands of dollars in trying to build a permanent shade structure around your home or business area. Simply install our PVC blinds and enjoy all the benefits that they offer at a budget friendly price!


PVC blinds are one of the most popular shade solutions that are used everywhere in Australia. They offer excellent protection from the sun’s UV rays, they are very easy to install, clean and maintain, they are available in a range of designs and they are incredibly cost effective. No wonder, they are the top choice across homes, businesses, restaurants and cafes in Australia.

To purchase PVC blinds of the highest grade of quality, consider our shade solutions at Global Shade. Get in touch with us to find out more about our superior grade products and our sales experts will help you out in every way that they can. Get in touch with us today!

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