How to correctly measure for shade sails

July 19th, 2017 · Published to Outdoor Blinds by Steve Lewis

There’s no doubt, shade sails are incredibly popular in Australia. They are a versatile shade solution that creates shade, reduces heat, blocks out the sun and offers protection from UV rays. Moreover, they can be installed just about anywhere and they also offer great value for money.

However, to realise the maximum benefits of installed shade sails, you must measure for them correctly. Whether you’re after a quote for a custom shade sail or looking to purchase a DIY shade sail, one thing you need before you can do either task is to have proper measurements.

So, how exactly do you measure for shade sails correctly? Don’t worry – I’m here to help you out. As a shade sails manufacture with over 25 years’ experience, today I’ll tell you a fool-proof way to measure shade sails correctly.

1. Choose your location and attachment points

When measuring for shade sails, the first step you need to take is to choose the right location for your shade sails. The location should be a hazard-free place, safe of falling branches or fire pits.

It is also important to note where the shadows are cast in the location. This will help you choose appropriate attachment points for your shade sail. Remember – if there are no attachment points in your location, it’s OK. You will just need to erect poles to attach your shade sail to.

2. Sketch out your shade sail

Once you have chosen your location and attachment points, you can move to sketching out your shade sail. Now, shade sails are usually available in three, four, five or six side options. Depending on the type of shade sail you’re planning to purchase, you can sketch out your shade sail.

Sketching out the shade sail is a relatively simple task. All you have to do is to start from the upper left corner and label each corner of the shade sail moving clockwise. After you have made your sketch, use a non-stretch tape to record your sketch.

3. Take the actual measurements

You’re almost done now! After you’ve laid out your sketch, you’ll need to take the actual measurements. To start taking measurements, measure the distance from one corner to every other corner. Do this for every corner. And, always remember to double check your measurements!

After you’re done taking measurements, you can send your measurements to your shade sail supplier. The shade sail manufacturer will then accurately replicate your measurements using CAD software. This in turn will help to create your custom/DIY shade sail to exact measurements.


Before you can install a shade sail, you will need to measure for it first. Measuring for your shade sail will ensure that there are no problems during and after installation. To start with measurements, you’ll have to first choose your location and attachment points for the shade sail. After this, you’ll need to sketch out the perimeter of the shade sail accurately. Finally, measure the distance between all points accurately. These measurements will be replicated to create a custom or DIY shade sail for you.

And, for the best quality shade sails in Australia, look no further than us at Global Shade. We offer a range of shade sails for many different applications. Take a look at our collection of DIY shade sails, or get in touch with us for a free quote on custom shade sails. Our sales representatives will be more than happy to help you out.

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