Shade options for school shade

November 1st, 2017 · Published to Playgrounds by Steve Lewis

A study showed that students were willing to make use of shade if it was provided by the school, however many schools still don’t offer adequate shade to students.

The use of shade in schools is now one of the protection measures prescribed by the Cancer Council for protection from harmful UV rays. This galvanised schools into action, leading them to incorporate the use of shade as part of their overall strategy to reduce the exposure of students to UV radiation.

With that in mind, it becomes necessary to consider what the best shade options are for school shade. After installing several school shades across Australia, I strongly believe that I am in a really good position to share my thoughts and findings on the best shade options for school shade. So today, I will share with you the shade options that work best for school shade.

Natural shade

Natural shade is a great option for school shade, particularly when they are in large spaces such as parks. However, it isn’t enough to simply have trees – they should have large canopies and thick foliage. They should also have enough clear space on the ground to allow access. If there is any opening with visible blue sky, it means that the sun will be able to penetrate and the shade might not offer adequate UV protection.

Shade cloth or Textile

Shade cloth or shade structures covered with fabric have become more common in schools across Australia, for food reason. Good quality fabric can provide up to 99% UV protection. While shade cloth has a long lifespan, textile or coated fabric offers higher protection from UV radiation.

At Global Shade, we offer various custom made shade options made from quality shade cloth, which we take a look at next.

Built shade

There are several types of built shade structures. There are the permanent systems which are strong and can resist harsh weather conditions, dismountable systems which can easily be taken down, adjustable systems, which are popular because of how flexible they are.

Among these built shade options are tension membranes and canopies, along with shade sails, which do not usually need a lot of support structures. Each option offers high UV protection and will immediately enhance the look of the school. You would however need the services of an expert, such as Global Shade, to install built shade structures.

When considering school shade, there are some things to note and this include the UV protection levels. In addition to this, the shade should also be able to maintain a cool temperature as well as provide enough light and ventilation. For permanent structures, they should be able to provide some warmth during the winter months as well as some access to the sun. Regardless of what option you choose for school shade it is always important to ensure that it is suitable for the specific school.


We discussed the best shade option for school shade and touched on natural protection as well as the type of shade. We have looked at natural shade, shade cloth or textile and built shade, which comes in different forms. Whether you will decide on the adjustable system or the tension membrane system will depend on your budget and your purpose for installing the shade.

Not sure what shade to choose for your school shade? That’s okay, simply get in touch with Global Shade for different shade solutions.

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