Buy Online Shade Sails For A Cheaper Shade Solution

March 4th, 2020 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

Many homeowners around Australia turn to shade sails because of their affordability and the fantastic value for money that they offer. Indeed, you will be pressed to find another shade solution that provides the same rate of UVR protection, the same level of flexibility, and the same choice of colours that shade sails offer.

Shade sails are much easier and quicker to install than alternative shade solutions, and they are widely available from home hardware warehouses and suppliers across Australia.  Now, as you know, you’re going to find cheaper shade sails from a home hardware warehouse than a shade sail supplier. Alas, while they may be cheaper in price, there is a downside –  they are only available in limited shapes, sizes and colours.

There is an alternative option – online shade sails. That’s right! By buying online shade sails, you can get all the same benefits of buy shade sails from a supplier, but at a much cheaper price!

How is this so, you ask?

At Global Shade, we are a shade sail manufacturer that supplies shade sails not only to shade sail companies across Australia but direct to the public also. The means, when you purchase one of our online shade sails, you are buying the same product that you would get from a shade sail company but without the retail markup. Now, doesn’t that sound good!

Furthermore, you have multiple options that make our online shade sails even cheaper. First, you can choose to have us custom-make your shade sail, or you can choose one of our DIY shade sails – both of which are available online.

With our custom-made shade sails, we do this online by simply requesting the measurements of your area. You can then select your choice of fabric and colour, and expect your shade sail to be delivered within 10-12 days of placing your order.

Our DIY shade sails are even easier to order online. Simply look at the shapes and sizes we have available, choose one that best fits your area and select a colour. It’s as simple as that. You can even install our DIY shade sails yourself, without having to enlist a shade sail installer. Our DIY shade sails are the cheapest in our range, but they do not lack in quality.

Our custom-made shade sails and DIY shade sails both come in a variety of colours options also. With the custom-made shade sails, the colour options will depend on the choice of fabric, and there are many to choose from including Rainbow Z16, which is what our DIY shade sails are made from. Rainbow Z16 offers 16 colour choices and provides as much as 99% UVR protection! Other fabric options (which increase in quality as listed include) Rainbow Xtreme 32 (14 colours), Protex Parasol (15 colours), Commercial 95 (20 colours), Allnet Extrablock (15 colours), and Monotec 370 series (15 colours).

Regardless of whether you choose online shade sails that are custom-made or of the DIY kind, you will know you’re getting the best price possible when choosing to shop with Global Shade.


For cheap shade sails, most homeowners would head straight to their local home hardware warehouse. However, such shade sails are limited in shape, size, and colour range. Unbeknown to many, there is actually a better way to find affordable shade sails, and that is by shopping for shade sails online.

With Global Shade, as shade sail manufactures, we sell our shade sails direct to the public which cuts out the retail market. This leaves our customers with the same quality shade sail that they would get from a shade sail company, but at almost wholesale rates!

See the saving for yourself by shopping online for your shade sail with Global Shade. Visit our website for more information and then give us a call with your measurements to place an order.

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