DIY Shade Sail: The Perfect Spring Home Improvement Project

October 23rd, 2019 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

For many domestic goddesses (and gods), spring is a time to dive into the housework and undergo a full Spring Clean. For DIY enthusiasts, it’s a great time to start a new home improvement project.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for a new home improvement project to take on, then I urge you to consider tackling DIY shade sails – trust me, it will be the easiest – yet most rewarding – home improvement you will ever make!

As the owner of Global Shade, and with over twenty years’ experience in the shade industry, I know everything there is to know about shade sails, including DIY shade sails. Today, I will share with you why I believe they are the perfect home improvement project for spring, so continue reading!

They improve the appearance of your home

The entire purpose of any home improvement project is to improve your home. DIY shade sails certainly do this. Whether you are looking to over your driveway, pool, deck, patio, or another area of your home, you can find a DIY shade sail that will complement the colours of your house exterior and make the space look more appealing than previously.

Click here to view the range of colours available in our DIY range.

They add value to your home

DIY shade sails not only improve the appearance of a home, but they will also increase the value of your home. Professional landscape designer Dave Limburg suggests that a $500 investment in DIY shade sails can add as much as $3000 added value to a home. While the value increase isn’t huge, it will most certainly make a home more sellable, for those looking to put their home on the market.

The make your home more functional

Even if you have no plans to sell your home, adding DIY shade sails to any outdoor space will instantly make it more useful; when installed over a patio or deck, the area becomes cooler and the perfect place to entertain. When installed over a pool, you add UV protection so you and your family can swim longer without fear of being burnt, and when installed over a driveway, you create an instant carport that will help protect your car. The list goes on.

They are super affordable

Who doesn’t love a home improvement project that is easily affordable! It’s not like tackling a bathroom renovation, which can run in the tens of thousands! DIY shade sails cost peanuts in comparison. Our range starts from as little as $259 for a 3.5×3.5×3.5m triangular shade sail, up to $725 for a 5.8x8m rectangular shade sail.

They take no time at all to install

Just about anyone can install DIY shade sails! Our range are specifically designed to offer easy installation and are pre-equipped with stainless steel D-Ring thimbles. Simply connect them to an existing building or post and presto, your shade sail is installed.


DIY shade sails are the home improvement project you never knew you always needed to do, and spring is just the time to embark on such a project.

For DIY shade sails anywhere in Australia, look nowhere else by Global Shade. As shade sail manufacturers, we manufacture our DIY shade sails to the same high level of quality as our custom shade sails. Therefore, by choosing Global Shade DIY shade sails, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting top quality and great value.

Whether you live on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or anywhere along the East Coast of Australia, we can deliver our DIY shade sails to your location. Click here to view our DIY range or call 1800 724 407 to place an order.

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