Gold Coast Shade Sails – a Buyers Checklist

September 11th, 2019 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

shade sail on the Gold Coast

Global Shade Shade Sail – installed by Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds

Are you looking for Gold Coast shade sails? If you are, then you would have noticed that there are many suppliers on the Gold Coast offering shade sails. However, which supplier do you go with, and more importantly, which shade sail offers the best value for money?

As you will soon find out when looking at Gold Coast shade sails, they come in many shapes and forms. Gone are the days when they were standard triangular sails that you could get off-the-shelf from your local hardware store. Now you have choices… and lots of them!

To help you choose your Gold Coast Shade Sails, follow this checklist.

Placement location

Choosing the right location to install Gold Coast shade sails isn’t as simple as needing shade in a specific area. For the best results, you need to understand the sun’s UV radiation and path. You can do this by reading Part 1 of SunSmart’s Shade Guidelines.

Once you understand the sun’s UV radiation and path, you will be able to create shade that falls in the right place at the right time.

Shade sail design

Choose a shade sail design to fit your location. Shade sails can come in various shapes. They can have three, four, five or six sides or can have multiple sails. Consider what shape sail/s you want and create a diagram.


Having decided on the right placement location and design, next you will need to measure the area to get the correct measurements. To take measurements, measure each side of the shade sail. For example, a three-sided (triangular) shade sail will have three measurements. These measurements should be given to your shade sail supplier.

Building permit

Whether or not you need a building permit will depend on the regulations of your local council. Most shade sails do not need a building permit, but they must adhere to a set of criteria. These will be based on the size (m2), the height and the location of the shade sails installation. Be sure to check your local council to see if your shade sails are exempt from needing a permit.

Fixing points

Installation costs can be reduced if you have existing fixing points that can be used to fix the shade sail to. Shade sails that are attached to natural structures such as your home, fence or deck look more natural also.

If there are no existing fixing points to take advantage of, you will need to give consideration to where posts can be installed.

Shade cloth fabrics

Last, but definitely not the least –perhaps even the most important is understanding how to compare shade cloth fabrics. One shade cloth is not like another. Each come with their own properties and characteristics. When comparing shade cloths offered by a Gold Coast Shade Sail Company, pay close attention to the percentage of UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) block, the weight of the fabric (GSM), the tensile strength and the warranty.

Look for a shade cloth that offers at least 95% UVR block, has a GSM of 200 or higher, high tensile strength and a 10+ year warranty. Then you will know you’re buying a good quality shade sail. You will find all these properties in the shade cloths we use in manufacturing our shade sails here at Global Shade.


Buying Gold Coast shade sails is no easy task. With so many supplies on the Gold Coast and so many variations in the shade sails that they offer, knowing which is best for you and which offers good value for money is hard. That is why you must choose the right placement location, choose the right shade sail design, take exact measurements, check to see if a building permit is required, take advantage of existing fixing points and understand shade cloth fabrics – this is most important. By doing all of this, you will be able to buy the right shade sail for your area.

Save time and know you’re getting great value for money by choosing Global Shade for your Gold Coast shade sails. We offer DIY and custom made shade sails. And, because we’re the manufacturer, there’s no middle man so you’ll see the savings.

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