How to Install Shade Sails Over a Pool

How to Install Shade Sails Over a Pool

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September 2nd, 2020 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

Without a doubt, no is an ideal time to start thinking about summer – and looking ahead to 2021. As we welcome spring, days are becoming sunnier, and temperatures are getting warmer. Thus, summer is on everyone’s minds, and even more anticipated, welcoming in 2021 after what was the most horrid year of our generation.

When I remember back to summertime as a child, fond memories of playing in the pool with my brother and sister play over in my mind. We must have spent every day in the pool. Marco Polo and volleyball were our favourite pool games. Although we now have TikTok and Xbox’s, swimming or playing in a pool is always a welcome exercise. Thus, if you own a pool and anticipate your kids making good use of it this coming summer, then installing a shade sail over it will be a sound investment.

Continue reading as I provide detailed instruction as to how to install shade sails over a pool.

First: Measure the area

The first thing to do is to measure the area to determine a suitable shade sail size. The best way to do this isn’t by measuring the size of your pool but by identifying fixing points and measuring the distance between them. Suitable fixing locations include house facade, fence, patio cover, etc. If you do not have a suitable fixing location, a post will need to be installed.

Work out what shape works best for your area; triable, square, rectangle etc.

Once you have the measurements and have determined the best shape for your shade sails, you can then contact Global Shade to place an order.

Shade sails over pool Installation

  • Start by installing fixings to attach the shade sail. These fixings need to be installed at the points you measured from to determine the shade sail size.

You can purchase fixing from Global Shade, but you can probably find them at Bunnings. You will need:

  • Anchors: Pad eye, eye lag screws, eye bolt with nut
  • Links: Turnbuckle, snap hook, D-shackle, S-hook
  • Extensions: chain, cable assembly,
  • Next, lay the shade sail out flat on the ground and connect two corners (one side) of the shade sail to two of the fixing locations.
  • Next, connect the remaining corners to the remaining fixings. Turn the turnbuckles until the right tension is achieved. I recommend you use a ratchet strap for this. You want to make sure all the wrinkles are removed.

If you would like more information on how to install shade sails over a pool, I recommend you take a look at this page. It is one of the better installation guides that I have seen on the internet. There are also some handy videos on YouTube of DIY’ers documenting their installation.


With summer fast approaching, Now’s the perfect time to order shade sails for over a pool. Pool shade sails are a highly-effective shade solution, which can provide up to 99% UVR-block. They are affordable, and more importantly, you can install them yourself!

To install shade sails over a pool, you must first identify fixing locations to determine a suitable shade sail size. Install the fixing hardware to these locations and then lay the shade sail out on the ground. Attach one end to the fixings, followed by the other, and use a ratchet strap to achieve the correct tension.

Get ahead of the summer rush by contacting Global Shade today.

Whether you’re looking for affordable DIY shade sails or custom shade sails, know that Global Shade can help. As shade sail manufactures, you can purchase directly from us and save, or we can put you in touch with one of our shade sail suppliers in your local area.



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