How to Order a Shade Sail Replacement

July 17th, 2019 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

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Shade sails are one of the greatest shade solutions ever made, and I’m not just saying that as the owner of Global Shade, it’s a fact which is backed up by their overwhelming popularity.

Shade sails are so popular, that when they reach the end of their lifespan – which is often as old as 10 to 15 years – homeowners choose to replace them with the same product. The same is often the case with shade sails damaged in storms. In either instance, a shade sail replacement is sought purely because of the great value for money that they offer.

If you’re after a shade sail replacement in South East Queensland or Northern New South Wales, you’ve landed on the right page. Global Shade not only manufacture new shade sails, but we also manufacture replacement shade sails as well.

Continue reading as I explain how to order a shade sail replacement with Global Shade.

Reason for replacement

The first step is to consider why you need a replacement as it will change how you approach ordering a shade sail replacement.

The main reasons for a shade sail to be replaced are;

  1. It is faulty (under warranty)
  2. It outlived its expected lifespan (out of warranty)
  3. It received storm damage

Faulty Shade Sail

If your shade sail is under warranty and damage/fault occurs to the fabric or installation, you will need to contact the company that supplied/installed the shade sail to start a warranty claim.

With Global Shade, shade cloth carries a limited 10-year manufacturers’ pro rata warranty against U.V. degradation. PTFE thread carries a 15-year manufacturers’ pro rata warranty against U.V. breakdown.

Old Shade Sail

If you’re looking for a shade sail replacement because your shade sail has aged and is no longer under warranty, you can contact Global Shade to discuss a straight forward replacement. We can do a complete replacement of the shade cloth fabric and arrange for post-installation or replace the shade cloth fabric, depending on your needs.

Storm Damage

Shade sail suppliers/installers, including Global Shade, do not cover shade sails against storm damage. While shade sail fabric is made to withstand storms, localised severe weather conditions do occur, which are often beyond the capability of shade sails to withstand.

If you’re looking for a shade sail replacement due to a severe storm event, your first step should be to contact your home insurance company to see if your insurance policy covers your shade sails against storm damage. If they do, you can proceed to place a claim and then go on to order your shade sail replacement.

Global Shade specialises in replacement shade sails on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond. We use the highest quality shade cloth fabric in the manufacturing of our shade sails to offer durable sails with longevity. If you need a shade sail replacement due to a severe storm event, get in touch with us.


Shade sails are a great shade solution. However, like everything, they can be damaged and will need replacing over time. There are three main reasons to replace a shade sail; 1) it is faulty, 2) it’s old or 3) it was damaged by a severe storm event.

For those with faulty shade sails under warranty, contact the shade sail supply for a shade sail replacement. For those with an old shade sail that is out of warranty, contact Global Shade for a shade sail replacement, and for those with a shade sail that has received storm damage, contact your home insurance company to see if you are covered. You can then order a shade sail replacement from Global Shade.

For all shade sail replacements on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond, call 1800 724 407.

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