Need Replacement Shade Sails After Storm Damage? Global Have You Covered

August 21st, 2019 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

We at Global Shade, pride ourselves on supplying and installing only the best shade sails that money can buy. The quality of our shade sails is evident in the 10-15-year warranty that the fabric holds. The shade cloth is designed to offer longevity and withstand storms.

Shade sail inferior to Global Shade’s shade sails, i.e., bought from another company or a home improvement warehouse; may not be able to withstand torrential weather conditions.

If your shade sail was damaged in recent storms, then don’t repeat the same mistake by having the same company replace them or by purchasing another off-the-shelf shade sail.

Turn to Global Shade for quality replacement shade sails. We specialise in returning your damaged shade sails to new!

Storms are the leading cause of shade sail damage

Shade sails are undoubtedly an investment; one you want to outlast at least the warranty that the fabric holds. If a 10-year warranty covers your shade sail fabric, you would expect not to need a replacement shade sail for at least ten years, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Storm damage is the leading cause for replacement shade sails in Australia. However, while storms can be good for business – in the sense that we get bombarded with orders for replacement shade sails, they can also be detrimental to business – in the sense that the damage that some shade sails receive is off-putting for potential new customers.

What many don’t realise is that it’s usually only the low-quality shade sails or those that have not installed by professions which receive damaged during storms.

The Global Shade Difference

There is a complex science behind manufacturing a shade sail, and it’s one that we at Global Shade understand well. While shade sails look simplistic in design, they are anything but simple.

During storms, shade sails face a great deal of pressure from hundreds of kilograms winds. The shade cloth fabric, posts and anchor points must all work together, supporting each other to withstand the added tension brought by strong winds and storms. Get this wrong, and your shade sails don’t stand a chance.

Together with industry leading fabrics and first-class installation, Global Shade delivers durable and robust shade sails that offer greater longevity than your previous shade sails.

For replacements shade sails in Brisbane, the Gold Coast anywhere along the east coast of Australia, turn to Global Shade. As mentioned, we trust only the best fabrics in the manufacturing of our shade sails to offer the highest of quality.


Shade sails are a durable, robust shade solution that withstands the majority of storms, but only if they are made from quality shade cloth fabric and installed correctly.

If your shade sails were damaged in recent storms and you’re looking for replacement shade sails that won’t meet the same fate, contact Global Shade. We specialise in custom replacement shade sails which offer the highest standards of quality.

For information on our shade sails, visit the Shade Sail page of our website or give us a call on 1800 724 497 for any questions you may have about replacement shade sails.

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