Shade Sails & Structures for Decks

Shade Sails & Structures for Decks

August 11th, 2021 · Published to Applications, Shade Sails

Shade sails and structures are among the most popular and most affordable options for providing shade around the home. While they are commonly installed over driveways as a cheap carport solution, they’re also a prevalent deck shade solution.

A deck is a place to enjoy the outdoors, entertain friends, or read a book, amongst other things. However, when sweltering heat or rain occurs, an unprotected deck is the last place you want to be.

If you have a deck and you’re not using it as often as you would like to – due to it being either too hot in winter or too wet when it rains, then investing in a shade sail or shade structure, such as canopies and tension membranes, is the best solution.

Whether you live in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads, or the Central Coast, if you’re after shade sails or shade structures for driveways, you’ve come to the right place.

Custom Shade Sails and Shade Structures For Decks

For custom deck shade solutions, look no further than Global Shade. Established in 2004, we have been manufacturing first-class shade solutions for decks and patios across Australia for more than 17 years and can create the perfect shade sail/shade structure for your deck.

As one of the country’s leading shade manufacturers, we’re the company Australian shade installers turn to for their client’s shade sail and shade structure needs. We have extensive connections with shade sail and shade structure installers in the areas we service. Together, we can design and manufacture the perfect deck shade solution to meet your requirements.

Shade Cloth and Waterproof Deck Covers

Shade sails and shade structures are the most economical cover for a deck. While most people know shade sails to be made from shade cloth, the truth is, they can be made from any fabric, including waterproof fabrics. Therefore, shade sails and shade structures can provide shade and waterproof protection over a deck, providing they’re manufactured from suitable fabrics.

As shade manufacturers, we have a wide range of shade cloth and waterproof fabrics at your disposal to create the perfect deck shade solution to meet your requirements. Some of the shade cloth fabrics to consider are Rainbow Z16, Xtreme 32, Polyfab Parasol, Commercial 95, Alnet Extrablock, and Monotec 370 series, while our waterproof fabrics comprise Ferrari 502, Polyplan 680, and Valmex 580S.

You can learn about the fabrics we use on our Fabrics page.

The Global Shade Process

With Global Shade, the process of getting a custom shade sail or custom shade structure installed over a deck is quick and easy. Simply contact the team at Global Shade with your shade sail/shade structure requirements. We will connect you with one of our local installers, who will visit your home to review the deck. They can discuss the design options and recommend whether shade sails or another shade structure is best suited and discuss the fabric options in detail.

Our local installers will take measurements of the deck and provide a no-obligation quote outlining all costs. If you accept the quote, the design of the fabric component is sent to Global Shade to be manufactured, which is usually a 10-12 day turnaround.

The installers then construct and install the shade sails/shade structure to complete the process.


Turn your deck into a usable patio area with a shade sail or shade structure from Global Shade. We create custom shade solutions for decks, offering both sun and rain protection. Whether you’re after a budget shade cover or a commercial-quality all-weather cover, we can manufacture the perfect shade sail, canopy or tension membrane to meet your needs and budget.

There’s no better, more flexible, or more economical deck cover than shade sails and structures. We service the East Coast of Australia, from the Sunshine Coast in QLD to the Central Coast in NSW and would like to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your deck cover.

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