Stay Protected All-Year-Round With Water Proof Shade Sails

February 12th, 2020 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

water proof shade sails 

Maybe it’s because I am in the industry, but up until recently, I just assumed that everyone knew you could get water proof shade sails. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Because of their name, ‘shade sails’, shade sails only imply that they offer shade protection – not rain protection. And, while this is true for standard shade sails that are made from the traditional material; shade cloth, today, shade sails are named as such more for their form and structure than the protection they offer.

Water proof shade sails are a ‘thing’, and they do exist! Continue reading as I enlighten you more on the wonders of water proof shade sails and why you need one for your home.

Water proof shade sails are made from different fabrics

As mentioned above, traditional shade sails that offer shade protection are made from shade cloth – a non-water proof material that only blocks the sun’s UVR. However, water proof shade sails are made from different fabrics entirely. Some are made from PVC fabrics and others are made from shade cloth which has a water proof membrane applied over the top to provide the water proof qualities. PVC fabric is available in six grade classes and ranges from 400gms to 1500gm (Grams Per Square Meter – the higher the GSM, the thicker and heavier it will be).

At Global Shade, we use the best fabrics in the industry in the manufacturing of our water proof shade sails. Such fabrics include Valmex 580S,  Polyplan 680, and Ferrari 502. These fabrics are suited for commercial and residential applications and come in a variety of colours (depending on the fabric of choice).

Water proof shade sails offer 100% UVR and rain protection

Due to the fabrics used in the manufacturing of water proof shade sails, they are resistant to both rain and the sun. Traditional shade sails made from high-quality fabrics can offer as much as 99% UVR protection, but no protection against rain. Water proof shade sails, on the other hand, offer 100% UVR protection and 100% rain protection.

Water proof shade sails are ideal all-year-round

Given that water proof shade sails are resistant to both rain and the sun, they ideal for all-round-use, especially in Australia’s summer months. They block the sun by day then provide protection against our afternoon showers.

The properties of water proof shade sails make them suitable for a range of applications, primarily commercial businesses such as restaurants with outdoor seating, cafes, pubs and bars and resorts. It allows such businesses to operate all-year-round and provides undercover areas for guests and patrons.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your outdoor entertainment area at home or extend your seating at your establishment, you won’t find a solution that offers better value for money they water proof shade sails.


If you hadn’t heard of water proof shade sails before, you have now. In my opinion, they are the best of all shade solutions! They are made from different materials than standard shade sails which give them water-repelling qualities. The material also makes them 100% water proof and 100% sun-proof, which in turn, means they are the perfect outdoor cover for all seasons!

If you are interested in having a water proof shade sail made for your home or business establishment, then give Global Shade a call on 1800 724 407.

As one of Australia’s leading shade sail manufactures, we can customise a solution specific to your needs. And, because you’ll be dealing directly with the manufacturer, there is no middle-man, so you receive the best price guaranteed.

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