Top Tips For Buying Shade Sails On The Gold Coast

January 22nd, 2020 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

Undoubtedly, the Gold Coast is one of the best places to live in Australia. Known for its sunshine and beaches, it is the perfect destination for lovers of the great outdoors. However, there is a downside to living on the Gold Coast, and that is the heat, which is sometimes inescapable.

Summer on the Gold Coast sees electricity bills run sky-high as we crank up the air-conditioning for some relief. But it needn’t be this way. Not if you invest in shade sails on the Gold Coast.

At Global Shade, we are one of the leading manufactures of shade sails on the Gold Coast. We supply our shade sails to companies across Australia, but we also sell direct to the public. Hence, we understand all aspects of a shade sail and know what consumers need to look for when buying shade sails on the Gold Coast, and I’d like to share this information with you today.

Continue reading to discover the top tips for buying shade sails on the Gold Coast.

Don’t shop by price

Although it may be tempting to purchase a shade sail that is seemingly cheap or affordable, it may not be worth your investment. Like many things, with shade sails, you get what you pay for. If a shade sail looks too good to be true, it probably is.

On the surface, it may appear to be attractive, it may be the right size, shape and colour, but what level of shade and UVR protection is it offering you?

Don’t shop by colour

We shop with our eyes, it’s a fact. However, buying shade sails on the Gold Coast, based on colour preference alone will do you no favours at all. In fact, it could be damaging to you and your family and provide so little relief from the heat that you still need to use your air-conditioner.

When it comes to shade sails, always choose darker colours over lighter. For the best protection and shade, choose black. Black goes with everything, and you’re guaranteed the best results.

Always enquire about the fabric

The shade cloth fabric used in the manufacturing of any shade sail on the Gold Coast is hands-down, the most important element you need to focus on. No two fabrics are the same. They each comprise different qualities and hold different ratings. Some are lightweight, while others are heavyweight. Some a best for domestic applications, while others are best for commercial. Some have a 10-year warranty, while others have a 15-year warranty – you get my point?

When buying shade sails on the Gold Coast, be sure to ask the name of the fabric for which you are being quoted and compare the qualities.

Compare prices

Last of all should be the price. With an understanding of the fabrics and colours, you can now start comparing prices to match apples with apples. But don’t only search for shade sail companies, as mentioned, Global Shade is shade sail manufactures that also sell directly to the public. Therefore, our quotes are guaranteed to be cheaper than retail prices.

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Shade sails are a popular shade choice on the Gold Coast because they are affordable and easy to install. But, when it comes to buying shade sails, it pays to know a thing or two about them to ensure you get value for money.

My top tips for buying shade sails are – not to shop by price alone, to choose a dark colour fabric also, to enquire about the fabric you are quoted on, and to get quotes from shade sail manufactures.

If you’re in the market for shade sails and you live on the Gold Coast, then be sure to contact Global Shade.

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