What Are The Requirements For Custom Made Shade Sails?

March 18th, 2020 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

Shade sails are one of the most common shade solutions in Australia and can be found in backyards, over driveways, at shopping centre carparks, at resorts, and other commercial establishments around the country. They are flexible, affordable, and one of the most convenient shade solutions available today.

If you have ever looked into getting a shade sail of your own, then you will know that you have two options to choose from; pre-made shade sails, such as those you can pick up at your local home improvement warehouse, and custom-made shade sails, such as those we make here at Global Shade.

For those of you interested in investing in custom-made shade sails, you may be wondering how to go about getting one. Well, continue reading to find out.

Step One: Measure

The first requirement for a custom-made shade sail is size – and to know what size shade sail you need – you must measure. Identify the area that you want to have your shade sail installed and take measurements of all sides. As you are ordering a custom-made shade sail, the size and shape can be whatever you like: triangular, rectangular, square, hexagonal, etc. If you would like multiple sails to create an architectural design, you can do that too.

Step Two: Find a Supplier

Once you have measured the area, you can now contact a shade sail supplier to request a quote. They will ask you if you want a simple design of one sail or multiple sails to create something a little more creative.

If you choose to purchase from a shade sail company, they will also offer an installation service and will likely inspect your area for precise measurements and to recommend the best options for your environmental conditions. However, if you’re looking to buy a custom-made shade sail and save a few bucks along the way, you will want to contact a shade sail manufacturer directly. In which case, you can simply tell them your measurements and describe your application for advice and recommendations.

At this stage, you will be required to make a decision on the shade sail fabric, which will be used in the manufacturing of your custom-made shade sail, and the colour also.

The price will differ for each option. In general terms, the cheaper the fabric, the lower the quality. However, in saying that, quality shade cloth manufacturers such as Global Shade only use the finest shade fabrics; so you will get quality even from the lower-priced shade fabrics.

When considering the fabric and colour, take advice from the supplier. Lightweight fabric is suitable for locations that don’t face strong winds, and a darker shade sail will also offer better protection.

Step Three: Installation

Once your custom-made shade sails have been manufactured, they are ready to install. If you don’t have existing structures to use as anchor points, posts will be needed to support the sail. Hardwood (class 1) or steel posts are recommended to support a shade sail with a footing of at least 400mm wide and 800mm deep. Allow 48hours after pouring concrete into the footings for it to set.


Opting for custom-made shade sails over pre-made shade sails will provide you with a better shade coverage and a custom solution that better suits your space.

To have custom shade sails made, you need to measure your area to attain the correct measurements and provide these to the shade sail supplier. You will then need to choose your preferred shade cloth fabric and colour. Once your custom-made shade sails are complete, you can then have them installed. This is done by attaching them to existing anchor points or having posts installed.

For top-quality custom-made shade sails in Australia, look nowhere else by Global Shade. As shade sail manufactures, we provide the highest-quality shade solutions direct to the public at unbeatable prices.

Contact us with your measurements for a free quote today.

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