Where to Buy Shade Sails on the Gold Coast

June 5th, 2019 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

Shade Sails in Cattai, NSW

Custom made shade sails – manufactured by Global Shade, installed by Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds.

With so many stores, home improvement warehouses and suppliers offering shade sails on the Gold Coast, knowing where to buy yours from can be a confusing task. “Who will offer the best value for money, which will have the size that I need, who has a salesperson that can help me decide what to buy?” These are all common questions that you’ve probably been asking yourself.

Thankfully, you won’t have to wonder too much longer. With more than 20 years’ experience under my belt in the shade sail industry; I am well equipped to help guide you on where to buy shade sails on the Gold Coast. So, continue reading for your options.

Retail Stores

The first thought for many looking to but shade sails on the Gold Coast would be to go to a retail store such as your local home improvement warehouse.

The benefit of buying shade sails here is that you can walk in, pick one off the shelf and have it in your hands instantly and install the shade sail yourself. However, outweighing this is the fact that you are restricted to only the set shapes, sizes and colours available, which are often just two or three options for each. The other disadvantage is the cost. Because you’re buying from a retail store, the retail markup costs will be added to the price of the product, so you will be paying more for your shade sails than if you were to buy them from a Gold Coast wholesaler or manufacture.

Shade Sail Suppliers

If you cannot find the right size, shape or colours in a retail store, or you do not wish to install your own shade sails, then the next logical option to buy shade sails on the Gold Coast would be to contact a shade sail supplier.

The benefit of buying shade sails from a supplier is that they do everything for you. They will come to your premise and take measurements, talk you through your options and advise on which fabric is best for your requirements. They are licensed installers and will install the shade sails for you. However, there is a downside to this hands-off approach; it’s generally the most expensive. Even though they purchase the shade sails direct from the manufacturer, there is still a markup on the shade sails and then there is the installation cost on top of that.

Shade Sail Wholesalers

Another option for buying shade sails on the Gold Coast is to buy from a wholesaler, which I looked at in last week’s post. Generally, wholesalers buy products from a manufacturer and distribute them to the retailer. So, by buying from the wholesaler you won’t cop the retailer’s markup costs.

However, there are disadvantages to this also. Most wholesalers will only accept bulk purchases and given that most shade sails need to be custom manufactured, this is not a viable option for many looking to buy shade sails on the Gold Coast. It only works for pre-made shade sails, such as those offered in retail stores. You then have to install the sales yourself or find an installer.

Shade Sail Manufactures

The last option for buying shade sails on the Gold Coast is to buy directly from the manufacturer, which is what we, Global Shade are.

By buying from shade sail manufactures, you’re getting shade sails at the lowest possible price. There is no wholesale or retail markup. You’re also able to have your shade sails custom made to any shape or size and with your choice of fabric. You then have the option to install the shade sail yourself or we can put you in touch with a local licenced installer. We may be biased, but we really cannot see any downside to buying from us 🙂 


It’s never easy to know where to go to buy something that you’re not all that familiar with. When it comes to buying shade sails on the Gold Coast, you have a few options at hand; a retailer, a shade sail supplier, a shade sail wholesaler or a shade sail manufacturer.

For the best quality shade sails at the cheapest prices, and with knowledgeable and friendly staff to guide you in your decision making, purchase your shade sails on the Gold Coast from shade sail manufactures, Global Shade. Click here to send me an email or give me a call by phoning 1800 724 407 today.

Global Shade is located in Murwillumbah, about a 1hr drive from the Gold Coast and can deliver your new shade sails to your location – we can also put you in touch with a local shade sail installer.

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