How your business can benefit from commercial shade structures

March 14th, 2018 · Published to Shade Solutions by Steve Lewis

As a business owner, you are constantly thinking of ways to make your business better, enhance customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line. However, commercial shade structures are probably on your mind when thinking about different ways you can boost your business, and they should be. It is easy to think that commercial shade structures are the reserve of certain businesses, like car wash services or playgrounds, but their versatility and usefulness extend way beyond those. If you are in the hospitality industry, most likely you are already aware of how your café or restaurant can benefit from shade structures, but how useful are they to other business owners?

At Global Shade, we have spent a good part of the last 25 years designing and installing commercial shade structures all around Australia for businesses in various sectors. The benefits of these shade structures to the business are numerous and today, we will share a few with you.

Protecting customers from the elements

The Australian sun can be extreme and exposure to the UV radiation from the sun can cause all sorts of skin conditions, including skin cancer. Providing a shade structure in your business premise offers your customers protection from the sun. Not only that, but it is also a source of covering light showers, storms and wind. When your customers can get from their cars to your building without getting exposed to the elements, it increases the appeal of your business and will encourage more customers to return.

Click here to view some of the commercial shade structures we created for commercial businesses.

Extending usable space

For those in the hospitality industry, you really can’t afford to do without commercial shade structures. Not only do they add a visual appeal to the front of your business, they also offer a great way to extend the usable space of your café, restaurant or pub. You can turn the shade structure into a sitting area to give your customers an outdoor or alfresco experience.

Click here to view some of the commercial shade structures we created for hospitality businesses.

For branding and advertising

Increasingly, more businesses are making use of logos on custom made shade structures to display and emphasise their brand identity and improve brand awareness. A stylish commercial shade structure such as an awning could have your logo and brand colours printed on it. This will draw attention to your business and bring in customers that would have walked by otherwise. It is also a great way to stand out from the competition.

Saves energy

For most businesses, overhead costs such as energy costs are a problem and sustainable ways to bring down those costs are always welcome. Commercial shade structures offer an affordable and sustainable way to lower your energy costs. If you can’t install solar panels on your building, you can easily get them installed on your shade structures. As solar energy is renewable energy and also cost effective, it is a great way to save energy and lower costs at the same time.

Perfect for a car park

Using a commercial shade structure for your car park provides protection for your customers and draws them back to your business no matter the weather or season. It is no fun to return to a hot car during the peak of summer and it doesn’t get much better during the winter months either. A parking lot with solar energy means that your customers can return to their cars in an environment that is cooler or warmer, depending on the temperature outside. This is not just energy saving, it is also cost saving.

Click here to view some of the commercial shade structures we created for car park application.


If you are not thinking about commercial shade structures for your business, then you really should start thinking about installing one. A shade structure provides your customers with shelter from the elements, helps you extend usable space, is great for brand awareness, energy saving and works perfectly well as a car park.

Contact Global Shade for quality commercial shade structures, wherever you may be located. We supply commercial shade structures throughout Australia; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania or Darwin.

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