Shade Sail Australia: Commercial Shade Sail Specialists

October 18th, 2011 · Published to Shade Solutions by nicole

It has been said time and again: if you want to keep your money flowing, you have to keep your customers happy. Thus, you provide them the best type of customer service possible. Nevertheless, a number of business owners seem to forget to consider one of the most focal points in customer service: comfort.

There are many ways on how to offer comfort to your guests, and Global Shade Australia specialises in one of them. The company, for 25 years, has produced and installed thousands of tension membranes and shade sails not only in homes but also countless establishments and are known as Commercial Shade Sail Specialists. Shade sails have been customised for the following commercial spaces:

  • Hospitality (cafes and restaurants)
  • Health care facilities (hospitals and clinics)
  • Theme parks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools (including universities and colleges)

The truth is there’s no limit to what kind of business you’re operating in!

Global Shade Australia’s first step is to understand the needs of not only the business but, most of all, the customers. Putting themselves into their shoes, they are able to come up with the most practical, affordable, and alternative shading solution to your establishment.

Further, Global Shade Australia provides you with shades that are aesthetically appealing, adding more zest to your commercial space. In fact, you can use them as one of your great come-ons.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to improve and make your establishment as comfortable, pleasing, and worth visiting as much as possible. You can obtain a free quote from the Commercial Shade Sail Specialists by calling 1800 251 516 or e-mailing at


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