Energy Efficient Window Awnings

May 9th, 2015 · Published to Awnings by nicole

When it comes to protection from the sun, there are many excellent shade structures to choose from. Lately, owners of commercial establishments, along with home owners, are looking for protection against the sun, while searching for solutions which are cost-effective, energy efficient and flexible.

During summer and autumn, the high temperatures are often unbearable. The best-known way to cool a living space, restaurant or coffee shop is to install an air-conditioner. But as you know, air conditioners are not the perfect solution. First of all, their installation is very expensive, and many owners are not able to pay $500-$600 dollars after the purchase to have it installed. Moreover, once the air conditioner is installed, their energy bills will increase, and with all those costs, it is crucial to find some other, affordable solution.

One of the most popular options that fit the bill are window dressings; curtains, reflective film, shutters, blinds, awnings, etc. however one of the major aspects of choosing the right window dressing is the view. Often, once the product is installed, the view will disappear. With all that said, the option which is truly attractive is window awnings.

Energy Efficient Window Awnings

Energy Efficient Window Awnings

In this article, all the benefits window awnings will be explained to help you fully understand why so many people are choosing this option, and why you should consider it as well.

Flexibility – with window awnings, you can easily control the amount of light and heat in the commercial building or home. Thanks to the modern technologies, the usage and control of awnings are simple and easy.

Costs – when it comes to energy efficient solutions, window awnings are simply perfect. As mentioned above, awnings are flexible, and you can easily control everything. The entire area will be more comfortable, and cool. That way, you won’t spend hundreds of dollars on other solutions, such as an air conditioner, for example. The costs will be significantly reduced.

Affordable – if you are searching for a solution which is affordable, window awnings are the perfect choice. They are the perfect blend of quality and affordability, which every customer wants.

Stylish – window awnings are attractive and will enhance your home or establishment immediately. Widely used in homes, awnings are a superb solution for restaurants and coffee shops. At Global Shade, we custom make fabric awnings and bar hood awnings to complement your home or place of work, there is no area we cannot provide a solution for!

Here, at Global Shade, you can find a wide range of window awnings available. Moreover, awnings can be designed and produced according to your desires and needs. Feel free to contact us at Global Shade to get a free quote or if you have an enquiry. Our awnings are extremely secure and stylish as well.


Window awnings are definitely an attractive option for many reasons. They are a flexible solution, which is energy efficient. Finally, after all this time, you can say goodbye to huge electricity bills, and save large sums of money. The solution itself is the smart investment, because it is affordable, and it will enhance the look of your home or commercial establishment, such as a restaurant, or a coffee shop.

For custom window awnings produced according to your desires and needs, contact Global Shade. We service Australia wide including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide.

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