Common uses for awnings in Australia

November 15th, 2014 · Published to Awnings by nicole

As the owner of Global Shade – one of Australia’s most trusted manufacturers of high quality but affordable shade solutions, I know a thing or two about awnings; one of our most sought after products.

In case you’re unsure as to what exactly an Awning is, I guess I’d best describe it as being an exterior shade solution that is often used to provide protection not just against the sun but also against inclement weather. Typically, they are installed over exterior doors or windows and are constructed using heavy-duty materials to withstand storm and hale. While awnings are typically used to block the sunrays from seeping through windows and doors, their larger versions can be utilised to cover bigger areas like patio, walkways, or outdoor living spaces.

Awnings are used for many different types of applications all around Australia

Awnings are used for many different types of applications all around Australia

Used for numerous applications across Australia

Awnings are used for many different types of applications all around Australia. For those looking for awnings in Melbourne, they are generally looking for a shade solution for their home or business, especially hospitality business as Melbourne is home of hospitality. With this type of application, awnings are not only use to get sun protection; they can also be used as a sign and to improve the storefront. The fabric awnings are welded in an aluminum tubing and are typically backlit illuminated with logos and lettering.

Meanwhile, those after awnings in Brisbane are more inclined to be residential homeowners but there is also a demand for awnings with commercial businesses, whereas awnings in Sydney are used for similar applications to those in Melbourne. Given Sydney is a major tourist destination; awnings are often used for hospitality businesses (along with bistro blinds) but are also used at residential homes and other commercial businesses.

Different Awnings for different applications

Depending on the intended use, customers can choose whether they’ll order manual or retractable awnings. Both offer unique sets of pros and cons and deciding which one to get will boil down on your specific needs and of course, your budget. Retractable awnings, which function in the same way as canopies, are not stationary. Using electronic motorised system or hand crank, these can be extended when protection from the sun or rain is needed. However, they can be retracted if you wish to enjoy sunlight or when there is no need to block anything. This type of awning is popular option when you’re trying to shade a patio. When compared to manual awnings, retractable awnings are a bit expensive but they are convenient and hassle-free to use. Find our more by reading ‘Retractable awnings; a cost effective shade solution’.

Stationary awnings, on the other hand, are great at providing protection from the sun for your entryways. Typically installed over windows, they are dependable when it comes to providing additional layer of protection against the weather. This helps protect your delicate window covering and your furniture from fading too fast. This also helps you reduce household cooling cost.


There are several shade solutions that you can get for both your business and your home. One of the most cost-efficient yet highly effective solutions are awnings. As long as you buy from a reputable company like Global Shade, you can be assured that your awnings will provide protection for many years to come while adding appeal to your property, whatever the application or intended use. Our fabric awnings are your best alternative to traditional aluminum systems as they are lightweight, secure, and stylish. In addition, these can be customised to meet individual client specification.

Contact us today to discuss your awning requirements. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. Wherever you maybe, you can be assured that we can be of assistance to you as Global Shade offers high quality awnings in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and everywhere in between.

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