DIY Shade Sail Installation FAQs

February 28th, 2018 · No Comments · Shade Sails

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DIY shade sails are arguably one of the most popular shade solutions used here in Australia. Not only are they incredibly effective at offering sun protection, but they are also very affordable. DIY shade sails made of waterproof fabrics offer a wonderful cost-effective alternative to permanent shade structures.

At Global Shade, we’re one of Australia’s leading suppliers of DIY shade sails. And, I always get lots of questions from our customers on how to install a DIY shade sail properly. Today, I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about DIY shade sail installation. Hopefully, after reading through, most of your doubts regarding shade sail installation will be resolved.

1. What to consider before installing a DIY shade sail?

The most important thing to consider about DIY shade sail installation is location. You need to find the ideal location for installing a shade sail with available attachment points. If natural attachment points are not available, then you’ll need to erect poles. To find natural fixing points, take a look at any trees or buildings where you want to install your shade sail. If you find none, you should consider a different location as you want to avoid erecting poles in DIY installation.

2. Do I need an approval to install a DIY shade sail?

Building regulations in Australia differ from one local council to another. Check with your concerned authorities whether you need a permit or approval to install a DIY shade sail.

3. What type of fixing accessories should I use?

There are a number of fixing accessories which are suitable for attaching DIY shade sails. Some of the popular types of fixing accessories include turnbuckle shade sail connectors, chain extensions and spring clip connectors. You can use any of these accessories to attach any DIY shade sail, including the ones we offer at Global Shade.

4. Are there different ways to install a DIY shade sail?

Yes. At Global Shade, our DIY shade sails can be installed in a number of ways depending on your preferences. The most popular layout is fixing a shade sail to horizontal attachment points. However, you can also fix a shade sail at slants or angles to create interesting designs. You can even install our shade sails vertically to create a privacy screen if you want to!

For instructions on installing your DIY Shade Sails, please read ‘An easy DIY shade sail installation guide’

5. How to ensure that installation is done properly?

The only way to ensure that your DIY shade sail is installed properly is by taking accurate measurements beforehand. Before you think of putting up your shade sail, lay it out on the ground in the same manner. Measure the distances carefully and make sure to keep slight allowances for fixing accessories. Also, make sure that your attachment points are correct and inline with the shade sail layout you want.

Remember that a shade sail looks and works best if it is firmly installed without any sagging. By taking accurate measurements beforehand, you can make sure that your sail is fixed as tightly as possible.


DIY shade sails are incredibly easy and straightforward to install. However, you should be aware of the most common DIY shade sail installation questions. These include what to consider before installation, checking to see if you need council approval, which fixing accessory to use, which shade sail layout to choose and how to ensure proper installation. If you know the answers to these, then you can bet that your installation will go smoothly.

And if you haven’t made a purchase already, consider us at Global Shade for the best quality DIY shade sails. Call us at 1800 724 407 to find out more about our DIY shade sails today!

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