Pool Shade Sails – the Most Effective Shade Solution

September 2nd, 2019 · Published to Shade Sails by Steve Lewis

Wooohooo! It’s summertime! Who’s all for spending afternoons by the pool and having friends over for a barbie? It’s the quintessential Australian summer; kids in the pool all day long yelling “watch me, watch me” to their parents, games of Marco Polo, and chlorine-bleached green hair; oh, the memories. I don’t think times have changed all that much either.

Growing up with a backyard pool brought endless fun and entertainment for my siblings and me, but mum was always harping on about not getting sunburned. Getting out and drying off to re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours was such a chore, that we never did it. Knowing now the dangers of UV Rays, I wish we had.

Australia’s skin cancer problem is no laughing matter. We have the highest rate in the world.

If you want to ensure your kids are protected (even when they don’t listen to you), consider investing in are pool shade sails. As one of the most effective shade solutions, pool shade sails offer highly effective shade for the pool and poolside area, and they are also very affordable.

Continue reading as I provide more information about this great shade solution.

Up to 99% UV-R Protection

Pool shade sails offer the ultimate shade protection over a swimming pool. Those made from the highest quality shade cloth can provide as much as 99% UV-R protection, and this is vital considering our sun cancer statistics.

Notably, waterproof shade sails, those made from PVC fabrics or fabrics with a waterproof membrane applied, offer 100% UV-R protection.

Available in a range of fabrics and colours

There is no limit to what you can do with pool shade sails. Here at Global Shade, we rely on six of the best shade sail fabrics, namely Rainbow Z16, Xtreme 32, Protex Parasol, Commercial 95, Allnet Extrablock, and Monotec 370 series, which each come with a wide range of colour options. Therefore, you can choose a fabric to fit your needs and budget, and you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable colour to complement the exteriors of your home as well.

Custom made to fit any shape or size

Shade sails have evolved far past the traditional triangle shade sail. While these are still an economical and popular choice, today, pool shade sails can be custom made to fit any shape and any size. As shade sail manufactures ourselves, we have the skill and knowhow to create any size shade sail to offer complete coverage to any pool size.

Various installation options

Pool shade sails have the added benefit of being able to “piggy-back” off existing structures for support. Pools that are close to a fence or the house can anchor onto such structures for a more straightforward installation.


Summertime is best spent in the backyard, and for those lucky enough to have one, in the pool. However, seldom do children re-apply sunscreen after entering the pool. This leaves them unprotected against UV Rays. One way to protect your family against the sun at all times is by investing in pool shade sails.

Pool shade sails are the most effective shade solution because they offer as much as 99% UV-R protection, are available in a range of fabrics and colour options, can be made to any size and shape, and can be installed in a number of ways.

To purchase pool shade sails for your pool, get in touch with Global Shade. As Australian shade sail manufactures, we can create a custom shade solution for your pool that not only offers protection for your family but also adds value to your home. Call us tollfree on 1800 724 407 for more information or to request a free quote.

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