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April 8th, 2014 · Published to Awnings, Outdoor Blinds, Shade Sails, Shade Solutions by nicole

Different shade structures are great addition to any house or commercial establishments in a warm climate. In Australia, where most regions expect more than 300 days sunshine every single year, having effective shade structures can mean the difference between enjoying the outdoors and staying at home. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shade solution for your swimming pool or you’re looking for ways to deflect the sun’s harmful rays away from your home interiors, there’s a specific custom shade structure that is right for you. Below are your choices:

Shade SailsShade Sails

Shade sail are an effective shade solution that uses the basic technology of ship’s sail. This uses flexible membrane tensioned between anchor points and are typically installed permanently. It features lightweight construction, boasts flexible design, and offers high UV protection. As this provides the perfect solutions for both commercial and outdoor weather protection, I highly recommend these for carports, playgrounds, barbeque facilities, and recreation and general sport areas. Find out more

Canopies & Tension MembranesCanopies & tension membranes

Canopies & tension membranes which are made from high-strength waterproof PVC fabric and lightweight steel frame, are perfect shade solution not just during hot summer months but also during rainy days. Typically installed permanently, they can be customised and can cover huge spaces. Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of amazing accessories to boost the benefits that these shade structure can offer. These include electrical, drainage, and heating. Canopies & tension membranes are highly recommended for restaurants, verandas, patios, walkways, cafe’s, and courtyards. Find out more


Awnings are popular, cost-effective shade alternatives to traditional timber and aluminium systems. Fabric awnings and bar hoods are perfect for both residential and large-scale commercial developments. They are used to deflect sun’s UV rays and they help in keeping the shaded spaces cooler giving home and business owners the opportunity to cut their energy cost. These are lightweight, stylish, and secure. Find out more

PVC BlindsPVC Blinds

Also known as outdoor blinds, these popular shade structures offer you with everything you need to address the demands of Australian outdoor living. PVC blinds are used to enclose large open spaces to protect them against elements. With these, you can forget about sudden weather changes and the scorching heat of the sun. Use them on your veranda, patios, and on your food establishment if you intend to offer your customers alfresco dining. Find out more

Outdoor UmbrellasOutdoor umbrellas

These are some of the most popular shade structures that are perfect for both residential and business use. These outdoor umbrellas are available in wide ranges of colours, sizes, and shapes giving you the option to choose the one that will compliment the outdoor space where you’ll install them. They can also be customized using variety of accessory options including heating and weatherproofing with PVC cafe blinds. The outdoor umbrellas we sell here at Global Shade are engineered in accordance with Australian building standards and they are designed to withstand the test of time. You can use these to cover a portion of your swimming pool and your patio so you can still entertain guests outdoors. You can also use these on cafes so you can offer your customers with pleasant outdoor dining experience. Find out more

Need help in choosing the best custom shade structures?

If this is your first time to consider getting shade solutions and if you don’t have an idea on what is the best one for certain application, we are more than happy to provide you with answers. Send us your questions at and expect our reply within 24 hours.

Get your custom shade structures from Global Shade

With 25 solid year experience in this industry, nobody understands custom shade structures for any application than Global Shade. It doesn’t matter if you need to protect your patio from the scorching heat of the sun or you are looking for the best window awnings for your business, you can be assured that we can cover all your needs. Choose from our wide range of shade structure solutions and allow us to customise them based on your specifications.

We offer a wide range of shade sails, tension membranes, awnings, canopies, outdoor umbrellas, and PVC blinds to customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, and Darwin. If you want questions or if you need obligation-free quotes, please call us at 02 6670 8300 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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