Top 5 sun shelter options for your home

October 18th, 2014 · Published to Shade Solutions by nicole

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Sun shelter options for your home

Sun shelters are simply a must-have for any homeowner especially here in Australia where most regions get hundreds of sunny days throughout the year. Although we definitely love summer there are days when the heat is simply so hot it becomes unbearable. Investing in sun shelters allow you to reduce the temperature of your home as they block the sunrays from coming in. In addition, sun shelters protect your valuable assets and belongings including cars and outdoor furniture from quickly fading and from getting wet during rainy seasons. Last and most importantly, sun shelters provide you and your children that much-needed protection against sun’s harmful UV rays that can lead to diseases including skin cancer.

Below are your top 5 sun shelter options for your home:

  1. Shade sails – Shade sails are a cheaper alternative to conventional shade systems. Made from high quality cloth and lightweight construction, they offer not just outdoor weather protection but also privacy. They are by far the most popular sun shelter solution for residential homes across Australia because they are affordable and east to install.
  2. Canopies – This form of sun shelter is perfect for areas that experience unstable weather conditions as they also offer waterproof protection alongside sun protection.
  3. Awnings – Awnings are some of the most highly recommended sun shelter solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. They are highly effective in blocking the suns rays and in lowering down the temperature of the shaded area.
  4. Outdoor blinds – These are recommended for commercial applications as they can easily enclose an outdoor area and convert it into an outdoor living room. The downside to outdoor blinds is that you first need a structure to attach them to.
  5. Outdoor umbrellas – This is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable yet highly effective sun shelter that you can use over your outdoor entertainment area or beside your pool. Outdoor umbrellas are very popular at cafés when used in conjunction with outdoor blinds.

Whatever type of sun shelter you choose to buy for your home or for your business, you can be assured that Global Shade offers it. View our products to know their features and decide which one effectively addresses your preferences and your particular needs. If you have questions or if you find yourself in need of expert advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 02 6670 8300.

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