Shade Sails for Your Hospitality Business

Shade Sails for Your Hospitality Business

June 16th, 2021 · Published to Applications, Commercial, Shade Sails

Building a customer base, and keeping it, is one of the most challenging aspects of running a hospitality business. With businesses disappearing just as soon as they appear, it’s essential to do everything in your power to retain customers.

One of the best ways to keep customers coming back to your hospitality business is to provide them with a welcoming environment, one that’s cool and comfortable. Enter shade sails!

If you own a restaurant, café, pub, hotel, or resort and have an outdoor area to service customers, then it only makes sense to avail the benefits of shade sails. Today, we take a moment to look at all the ways your hospitality business can benefit from having commercial shade sails installed.

Shade Sails Are Highly Versatile

In a hospitality environment, shade sails can be a game-changer! There is no limit in terms of design, size, and the number of sails you can have to create a welcoming outdoor area where customers want to hang out.  From small courtyards to large areas of 100+ square metres, you will find shade sails to be the perfect shade cover.

Common Uses For Shade Sails Around Hospitality Businesses

Today, it’s typical for restaurants, cafés, pubs, hotels, and resorts to provide customers and guest with an outdoor area, whether it’s an alfresco dining area, a smoking area, or a poolside. Providing shade to such places will make them cooler, which, in turn, makes the customer more comfortable and more likely to stay longer or return again.

Shade Sails Are Very Affordable

The cost of getting a permanent structure, such as a patio installed in an area, whether it’s 9 square metres or 100+ square metres, will be substantial compared to the cost of having shade sails installed. Moreover, you will always need it approved by council, which adds to the costs. On the other hand, Shade sails are far cheaper and, depending on the type of installation and your local council requirements, may not require any development approval.

If your establishment is located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads, or  Central Coast, contact us today to arrange a free measure and quote. We will arrange for one of our licensed shade sail installers to visit your business, review your needs, and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Shade Sails Can Provide Sun And Rain Protection

Trying to attract customers in the scorching summer sun can be a difficult task without any shade protection. Attracting customers during rainy and overcast days can be even tougher.

Many business owners don’t realise you can get waterproof shade sails. Besides offering up to 99% protection against UV Rays, shade sails can also provide 100% protection from the rain, providing they’re made from the right material.

As shade sails manufacturers, we let business owners decide the fabric for their shade sails. Our fabric range offers a selection of shade cloth fabrics for sun protection and waterproof PVC fabrics for sun and rain protection.

Waterproof shade sails are the best option for restaurants, cafés, pubs, hotels, and other hospitality business that may otherwise lose customers due to wet weather. They’re the most affordable option and can be easily installed in just about any outdoor area.


Whether you’re looking for a shade solution or a 100% waterproof solution for your restaurant, café, pub, hotel, or resort, shade sails will always be a wise investment. Shade sails can maximise space and make the temperature of your outdoor dining and alfresco areas cooler, more comfortable, and, more importantly, make it more welcoming for customers and guests.

Global Shade is one of Australia’s leading shade sail manufacturers. We help hospitality business owners and managers like yourself improve their establishment by providing top quality shade sails that retain customers rain, hail, or shine!

For a free no-obligation quote, call our office on 1800 724 407 or submit an online enquiry.



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