Prevent skin cancer with top quality shade structures

January 11th, 2015 · Published to Shade Solutions by nicole

It’s a known fact that Australians simply cannot get enough of the outdoors. Blessed with great weather, we’ll spend most of our time swimming either on the beach or in the pool for a long as it is permitted. However, one thing that we need to be aware of is that too much exposure to the sun isn’t good for our body and health. Aside from serious sunburn, we can also suffer from skin cancer, which according to official figures kills about 2,000 of Australians every year.

Here at Global Shade, we understand your love for the outdoors (hey, we love the outdoors too!), that is why we make it our commitment to help you enjoy the weather without putting yourself or your family at risk. We make this happen by providing you with quality shade structures that you can use for your home or even for your businesses. It is our goal to help you access highly efficient shade structures without it costing you the world.

If you’re not familiar with the various shade structures available and you’re thinking about getting one, this article will help you tremendously. Here, I’ll give you a list of the most sought after shade structures and their applications. This should help you make good decision later on.

  1. Shade Sails – If you’re trying to block harmful UV rays to protect your car (and other property) or to give yourself peace of mind while your children are having fun in the backyard, I highly recommend shade sails. Perfect for both domestic and commercial use, they provide great weather protection for any outdoor environment. Global Shade’s shade sails are definitely an economical alternative to conventional shade cover systems. Made from marine-grade shadecloth, featuring lightweight construction, our shade sails can block up to 99.9% of sun’s UV rays. View our Shade Sails
  2. Awnings – Awnings have to be one of the most sought after shade structures for residential use. Made from high quality fabric that is fire retardant and moisture resistant, they can also effectively block the sun’s UV rays and can keep cool down your indoors by up to 60%. This means that aside from providing good sun protection, they also help you save on your cooling costs. Yup, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. View our Awnings
  3. PVC blinds – These shade structures are highly recommended for hospitality businesses. If you own a café or restaurant your customers will appreciate the fact that you’ve invested in PVC blinds to not only to make their dining experience more enjoyable, but to also protect them against cold winds, rain and even the sun. View our PVC Blinds


Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to mean risking a skin disease or worse, skin cancer. Protect your loved ones and your customers (if you’re running a hospitality business) by simply investing on top quality shade structures. Aside from shade sails and awnings, your other options include canopies & tension membrane, PVC blinds, outdoor umbrellas, and DIY shade sails.

With so many manufacturers selling shade structures, it’s important to make sure you’re doing business with a trustworthy dealer. Get it right the first time and choose Global Shade. Whether you have questions or you’re ready to order, all you have to do is call 02 6670 8300 or send us an emailing at and leave the rest up to us.

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