Polyplan 680

Polyplan 680

Waterproof Shade Sail Fabric

When it comes to architectural fabrics, quality and consistency must go hand in hand, which is why we continue to choose Polyplan 680 as one of our preferred fabrics.

Polyplan, manufactured by Sattler, is a high-quality product that may be used in various ways and is complemented by its remarkable strength and protection.

The Sattler Group, a family-owned business in its fifth generation, is a household name in coated technical fabrics. Since 1875, they have produced fabrics that meet or exceed the most exacting standards. Manufactured at Gössendorf and Rudersdorf, Austria, their fabrics are made from the finest materials.

Polyplan’s architectural fabrics are the ideal choice for robust commercial fabrics, which is why we love it at Global Shade. It enables us to easily construct shade sails and structures from high-quality fabric that we know will last a long time. 

The Fabric

Polyplan 680 is a long-lasting fabric that will keep you and your guests safe for years to come. It is a high quality, heavy-duty polyester fabric that is 640g/m² in weight. It offers a max tensile strength of 3000N/3000N and a tear strength of 300/300. This fabric also can resist heat up to 70 degrees Celsius and be flame retardant. 

Polyplan 680 is an architectural polyester fabric with double-sided PVC coating and a dull embossed upside flame retardant, according to DIN 75 200. It features a polyester base and an acrylic lacquer, and it is available in matt and unlacquered surface options.

A 5-year warranty backs it on defects in material or workmanship.

The Benefits

Polyplan 680 is a heat resistant and flex resistant fabric that is also flame retardant. It can withstand up to 100,000 flexes, making it a great choice for applications that require durability and resistance to heat and flames.

The Polyplan 680 membrane is in accordance with Sattler’s published technical specifications, is free from material defects in components and workmanship affecting performance and durability, and will maintain at least 70% of its initial resistance over a period of 7 years. The membrane also keeps the fire rating permanently.

Polyplan 680 is available in a wide range of colours to complement any and all applications. Colours available include black, putty, sand, olive, chocolate, lemon, butter, mandarin, fire engine, flame, magenta, bristol, bermuda, royal, ocean, cobalt, midnight, heritage, emerald, kiwi, lime, haze, dove, aluminium, mist, slate, storm, gunmetal, charcoal, and silver.

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The Applications

Polyplan 680 is a great fabric for big, high-tension shade sails and shade structures of any size because of its remarkable strength and flex-resilience.

The fabric is referred to as the “do it all” fabric because of its versatility – it can be used in just about shade structure – commercial and residiential. Shopping centre car parkssports courts and sports facilitiesoutdoor areashospitality businessescommercial and public pools, and other commercial businesses are all examples of places Polyplan 680 can be used. It can also be used in the home to cover big areas or installations that need a waterproof solution, such as decks or pergolas.

Polyplan 680 can be used for a single shade sail, numerous shade sails, lotus canopies, tetra canopies, hypar canopies, framed canopies, or even architectural buildings. When it comes to covers, Polyplan 680 can handle any design.


Polyplan 680 is a great, high-tension composite material for shade sails and other architectural protective membranes. It is a durable fabric that can stand up to many years of exposure to the elements. The Sattler Group has been producing quality fabrics that have been tested around the world for over 40 years.

We at Global Shade are proud to offer Polyplan 680 to our clients, and we know the structures we construct using them will last for years.

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