Valmex FR580

Valmex FR580

Waterproof Shade Sail Fabric

At Global Shade, we only utilise the best fabrics for our commercial shade sails and structures, and VALMEX® FR580 is one such example. Aside from its superb versatility, it is considered one of the best membranes on the market.

VALMEX® FR580 is manufactured by Mehler Texnologies®, a German brand that is globally recognised as a technical textiles specialist. Regarding coating and weaving fabrics, Mehler Texnologies® has 60 years of experience in the industry, employing cutting-edge machinery to ensure consistent and high-quality results.

Since its inception, VALMEX® FR580 has been employed in various industries and applications seeking lightweight, flexible materials for indoor and outdoor use.

The Fabric

VALMEX® FR580 is a high-value technical textile that can be used in various applications, including tents, sun shades, and tensioned constructions. Mehler Technologies has developed a coated fabric similar to the premium VALMEX® MEHATOP F quality range for short-span curved tensile architecture designs.

The fabric comprises six layers; a top coat, a PVDF lacquering layer, the main coating layer, the base fabric, another layer of the main coating and the surface coating at the bottom.

The 580 gr/sqm weight is ideal for applications requiring both light and strong materials. Low-wick PVC coated polyester fabric with PVDF lacquer on the upper side is VALMEX® FR580. Several national standards have certified the material as flame retardant after it was treated with fungicides and UV stabilising chemicals.

Whether it’s a translucent canopy, a white or black canopy, a commercial tent or a circus tent, everything is conceivable with VALMEX® FR580.

The Benefits

VALMEX® FR580 is manufactured using materials that meet the highest criteria for UV, fungal, and fire resistance. The acrylic coating on both sides ensures strong resistance to filth and easy cleaning, as well as long-term durability.

VALMEX® FR580’s PVC-coated low-wick polyester base fabric provides a range of benefits that are essential for many industries.

Its PVDF lacquer is an important feature that allows this fabric to be UV Stabilised and fire retardant (tested to AS1530.2 & AS1530.3). The anti-fungicides also ensure that this fabric will not decay or rot in humid conditions, making it ideal for use in outdoor furniture and other products where water is present. A 10-year warranty backs the fabric.

VALMEX® FR580 is available in various colours, including bright white, black, beige, chocolate, dust grey, bright grey, dutch green, deep blue, burgundy red, flame red, mid blue, pearl white, brilliant yellow, and nature. With its wide colour selection, VALMEX® FR580 can match any decorating style desired by customers while still providing all the necessary qualities required by industry standards.

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The Applications

Due to its lightweight membrane structure, VALMEX® FR580is highly versatile and adaptable in terms of aesthetics and design. It is commonly used in architectural structures well beyond shade structures. In addition to being fantastic for providing sun protection, VALMEX® FR580 lends well to other commercial applications. Such applications include textile façades, taut constructions, tents – temporary event tents, storage tents, rental tents, circus tents, camping awnings, and parasols.

However, here at Global Shade, we most commonly use VALMEX® FR580 for commercial canopies, pergolas, and awnings. VALMEX® FR580 is the ideal material for commercial applications requiring a wide distribution area of coverage. Shopping centre car parkssports courts and sports facilitiesoutdoor areashospitality businessescommercial and public pools, and other commercial businesses are examples of these applications. Additionally, it can be used in the home to cover vast surfaces or to protect installations that need to be watertight.


VALMEX® FR580 White/Black is a versatile fabric that can be used for various applications, from commercial canopies to outdoor furniture. In addition to its wide colour selection and PVDF lacquer feature, VALMEX® FR580 includes several benefits essential for many industries – including anti-fungicide treatment, UV stabilisation, and fire resistance. Combined, these features make VALMEX® FR580 an excellent option for many outdoor settings.

For more information on VALMEX® FR580 or our commercial shade structure projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away.